5 Powerful Search Engine Optimization Tips for better Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Better Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Optimization Tips for better Search Engine Placement It can be Confusing at timesSearch engine optimization or SEO can be a complicated and time consuming task for anyone.  Businesses, website owners and even website designers need to understand the importance of seo and how to do it properly.

This is why I want to share five Powerful search engine optimization tips that we have learned here at IDS Designz



1.  Stay up to date with new seo developments.

Google is constantly changing the almighty algorithm that we so desperately hope to understand more. So staying up on the latest changes and updates straight from the horse’s mouth can be very beneficial to your  seo efforts.  One important way to stay on top of the news is subscribe to  the Webmaster Central blog

Here is a 20 minute detailed video about how Googles new Google + social network is going to effect your SEO efforts

2. Think simple stupid! Remember the basics.

Be sure that you have a good understanding of the basics. I  strongly recommend reading through the Google Webmaster Guidelines as well as understanding how Google works .  Remembering and sticking to the basics will help tremendously.

I learned from a very rich and powerful wise man that tiny repeated errors in judgement is the very definition of failure.  No body wants to be a failure at anything. So remember the basics you don’t want to be a seo failure.  If tiny repeated errors in judgement equal failure then that must mean that tiny repeated acts of good judgement will equal success, why YES! you certifiable genius its true. Use that bit of wisdom and these search engine optimization tips  to earn your websites better search engine placement.

3. Use other peoples knowledge and skills to your benefit.

I’m not saying you walk into your local seo expert’s office and hold a Nerf gun to their head in order to download some of their knowledge into your brain. However if that works then more power to you, I’m talking about using this vast and powerful internet to its full potential. Find companies that get their clients results in getting better search engine placement and read their blogs.

Sign up for newsletters, subscribe to RSS feeds follow the money in other words. Follow those who are already making money doing it. By combining your know how and their superior skills you will have a light bulb moment and your search engine optimization tactics will improve.

4. Look for other Search Engine Optimization Tips to improve your search engine placement.

We put a lot of effort in gathering resources, reflecting on past experience and looking through old notes and bookmarks to write these articles for your excessive search engine optimization tips consumption.  Take advantage of the work we put in to bring this type of useful content to you.  Make sure that the tips are reliable and always check your references. There are a lot of so called search engine experts writing a lot of search engine optimization tips only to improve their own rankings. Well who am I to lie this is one of the reasons we do it too however there is one important factor to remember that leads us to number five.

5. Quality Content is King it even kills Google  Pandas!

Funny Cartoon about Search Engine Optimization Tips

Having content that is informative, useful, funny, interesting and overall good quality content will get you further in the long run as more people will likely share your content and spread your message. This earns you the almighty powerful back link. Build a positive reputation for putting out good quality content and continue to feed the quality content monster and you may wake up to find that you have some very powerful sites linking back to your content, thus improving your rankings significantly.

I leave you with some funnies that you obsessive  SEO nerds will get a kick out of. Those who who don’t understand might need to go to YouTube and watch some tutorials.

Search Engine Optimization tips from Houston

Funny Cartoon about SEO search engine optimization tips

No Panda’s were harmed in the creation of this SEO boosting article about search engine optimization tips for better search engine placement. ( We had to do the obnoxious and get one more set of keywords in)

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