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Desktop Website Vs Mobile Website


With more people than ever using smart-phones and other mobile devices   Its unbelievably important that your website work on all devices.  If you are like most businesses your website may be a little outdated and was not designed to be iPhone, Android, Blackberry or  Windows 7 mobile friendly.  You have many options, however the most expensive option is doing absolutely nothing.

Converting your website to mobile has never been easier; In just a few days, we can convert your existing website into a professional mobile optimized site which will enable customers to reach your business from their phones and mobile devices.

Mobile websites built by IDS Designz are compatible with all major smartphones including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows 7 phones.

Our mobile websites! are optimized to work with the latest mobile browsers and gives you unprecedented exposure to the mobile market place

As new smartphones with larger sized screens are released from major manufacturers, we test all of our mobile websites to make sure that they display properly across new screen sizes. You can always have confidence that your mobile website will appear correctly on all HTML5 enabled mobile phones.


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